Sunstone Prayer Necklace with Rose Quartz Crystal & Faux Suede Tassel



Truly beautiful in color and texture and details, our Sunstone Prayer Necklace is an absolute pleasure to wear. Multi-colored blush Sunstone beads and a Rose Quartz crystal link to a ring holding the gold Yogamere™ Crest charm and a soft faux suede tassel. 

Sunstone is a healing stone thought to boost confidence and vitality. Rose Quartz is a powerful heart-opening stone that restores harmony and encourages love in our relationships ... especially the one with ourselves. 

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Product Details:

Sunstone Beads  

Rose Quartz Pendant with Gold-Plated Ring

20-Karat Gold Vermeil Yogamere Crest Charm

Faux Suede Tassel 

Total Length:  20" long

Made in USA

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