Laura's Home Sanctuary Kit



Transform a quiet corner in your home into your own sanctuary with the Yogamere™ Home Kit, an incredibly beautiful assortment of our most indulgent pieces at a reduced collection price.  The kit includes:

• Meditation Cushion in Charcoal Cotton with Velvet Appliqué, natural Buckwheat fill

• Floor Cushion in Charcoal Cotton with Velvet Appliqué, Recycled Denim fill

• Bolster in Cotton with Velvet Appliqué, Recycled Denim fill

• Yoga Mat in our designer Quatrefoil print

• Eye Pillow with Charcoal Cashmere & Silk slipcover and natural Flaxseed fill

Create your own sanctuary ... and enjoy a reduced price on the collection:  a $470 value for each individual piece available for $400 for the collection.

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