Bija Cashmere & Silk Eye Pillow with Natural Flaxseed Fill - Charcoal


"Bija" - “Seed” in Sanskrit


Our Bija Eye Pillows have an incredibly soft cashmere & silk slipcover surrounding a natural flaxseed-filled pillow that provides just enough pressure to gently conform to the curves of your eyes and temples for soothing relaxation and stress relief. Pretty soft tassels adorn the corners. 

Warmed in the microwave, the heated moist therapy rests tired eyes, relaxes your mind during Savasana, comforts period tummies, eases lower back pain and even warms the bed on a cold night.  Cooled in the freezer, it delivers the chilled therapy your muscles and mind need after a long day.

Just like your favorite sweater, the cashmere naturally holds the heat for up to half an hour while the luxurious silk keeps the flaxseed chilled when you need it.

You will never, ever feel anything quite like it. 

Also available in Blush Smoke and Ivory.

- - - - - - - - 

Product Details:

Outer Cover:  
45% Cashmere • 55% Silk
Inner Cover:  100% Cotton
Fill: 100% U.S. Flaxseed

Care Instructions:
• Remove outer cover before laundering
• Hand wash outer cover in cold water
• Do not bleach
• Re-shape and air dry flat
• Do not get flaxseeds wet

Directions for Use: 

Warm Moist Heat Therapy: Heat in the microwave for one (1) minute initially to test temperature. If a higher temperature is desired, increase time in microwave in 30 second increments to achieve ideal warmth. Do not heat for more than one minute at a time. Microwave temperatures vary widely. Use caution when heating and test before placing on sensitive skin.

Cold Therapy: Place in freezer until chilled to desired temperature.

Designed & Assembled in the USA • Made in India

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