Alamba Bolster - Cotton & Velvet Appliqué Cover with Buckwheat Hull Fill


Alamba -  “Support” or “Prop” in Sanskrit


Our gorgeous Alamba Bolster has a soft cotton and velvet appliqué cover, filled to firm with natural buckwheat hulls to support your yoga practice. Tuck it under your knees during Savasana, give your chest a luxurious stretch while relaxing ... or just enjoy it as a lovely decorative pillow after your practice. 

Coordinates beautifully with our Medini Meditation Cushions and Megha Floor Cushions.

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Product Details:

Size: 26" long x 9" round

Outer Cover:  100% Cotton / Cotton Velvet Appliqué

Inner Cover: 100% Cotton

Fill: Natural Buckwheat Hulls

Care Instructions:
• Remove outer cover before laundering
• Hand wash outer cover in cold water
• Do not bleach
• Re-shape and air dry flat
• Spot clean inner cover

• Do not get buckwheat hulls wet

Designed & Assembled in the USA • Made in India 

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