Yogamere™ is the answer to a very simple question:  Why can’t wellness be beautiful?

When founder Amy Ormond was asked to design a home gym and yoga studio for a Nantucket client, she gave up on the search for fitness accessories that flowed with the style of the house.  Beautiful yoga mats and meditation cushions simply didn’t exist.

A fitness enthusiast and a designer, Amy understood how the space around us deeply affects mood, motivation, creativity – even happiness.  A light-filled space, a luxurious texture, a soothing color … these little details make an enormous difference to your sense of peace and well-being.   

So when it comes to the things you bring into your home for your own wellness, why in the world would you settle for anything less than beautiful?

Yogamere™ is a collection of exquisite essentials for yoga, meditation, fitness and relaxation that flow with your lifestyle.  Designed with naturally luxurious materials, sophisticated colors and an eye for the smallest detail, Yogamere™ is the belief that wellness can be beautiful.