Amy Ormond

Yogamere™ is the manifestation of the things I love and believe in – beautiful design, conscious wellness and movement – all coming to life in a collection to be experienced and enjoyed. It's the result of a decision I made to twist the lens on my life and my work and bring focus onto the parts that felt the most authentic.

It's the sum of the things I tapped in to during rough patches like divorce, loss of a very close friend, raising teenage boys, running a business and just enough of a health scare to wake me up to how vulnerable your body can be when your mind is flooded with stress.

During it all, the idea for Yogamere™ was there: the steps I took, the tools I used, the philosophy I embraced to see me through. Yogamere™ is my daily reminder to take time to take care of myself  … and the rest will be just fine.