Twelve Days of Amy

I can only imagine how narcissistic that title sounds … but hear me out! My birthday is January 12th and with a little nod to the song Twelve Days of Christmas, I always reserve those first twelve days of the year for a bit of reflection on the previous year, some goal setting for the new one and small symbolic acts to start anew like cleaning out closets, detoxing from the Holidays, and catching up on sleep.

To my mind, everyone’s New Year should start on your birthday. After all, that’s the date that really marks a new year for each of us on this Earth and gives an opportunity to start fresh should we choose to. (For what it’s worth, it was Julius Caesar who proclaimed January 1 to be the start of the New Year for all of us – but what did he know about how packed the gym would be the first week of January if we all start afresh at the same time?!)

This year though I intend to observe my “Twelve Days of Amy” a little differently than in years past. I’ll still do the reflecting and the goal setting but I’m going to pay true homage to the Twelve Days of Christmas in which a True Love gives you cool things everyday … only in my rendition, that True Love is me!

Fundamental to my creating Yogamere was the belief that to be at our best, we have to take time to take care of ourselves physically, spiritually and emotionally. For me that means running, meditating, creating art, writing, being with my sons and with friends, practicing yoga, listening to music, and eating really good, pure food.

While I can’t be sure I can give every one of those gifts to myself every day, I do intend to make an honest attempt at it for this year’s “Twelve Days of Amy”.   Aside from the good food, none of these gifts cost a dime and yet they replenish me more than anything store-bought ever could.

Whenever your New Year starts, I hope it’s amazing and I hope you give yourself plenty of little gifts to start it off right.