Stop and Slow, Then Go

I’ve noticed something interesting about myself: the more frantically I rush out of bed in the morning, the less I get done during the day. I’m not only less productive, I’m less mindful in daily tasks, less present in conversations with my teenage sons and less able to connect with my creativity. In fact, on days when I don’t take time to sit quietly before darting out the door, I have literally stepped right over sweet Lukey The Lab, who lies patiently by the back door waiting for me to stop and say hello to him.

Lukey the Labrador

Perhaps it seems obvious that when you give yourself time to organize your thoughts or make a to-do list, you can be more purposeful in your day. But a morning meditation is more fundamental than just getting organized. That moment given to quiet the mind resets the energy in my head to neutral so that I can be more contemplative about each action.

The lovely Erin Pymm of Rise Yoga in Rye, NY says “morning meditation is a discipline and a practice, and it’s not always easy. The days I am disciplined enough to start my day this way – to sit and get quiet – are the days I find clarity, patience, joy, visions of my future, and am aligned with who I am and my purpose.”


But if a morning meditation is such a simple investment that can reap such rich rewards, why isn’t it easier to do? It’s the first thing one might skip when, say, the alarm wasn’t set properly, or the dog needs to be fed, or you’ve forgotten to reply to a text from the day before, or 10 extra minutes of sleep seems so much more compelling.

On those mornings, it’s helpful to read one of Erin’s favorite quotes:

“Meditation is a two way street. The more you show up for it, the more it shows up for you.”

Erin went on to say “just like loving relationships and healthy habits that nourish and fuel you, if you commit your time to meditation, your soul and life will reap the rewards.”

With that great insight in mind, I now look at Lukey the Lab, who knows all about loving relationships, as the perfect furry reminder of why morning quiet time is time well spent.

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