Nest, Nesting, Nestle

My life seems to have a theme these days … and it has something to do with nests.

In the last few days, my oldest son Jack left for college – the first of my two to fly from the nest.  We set him up in his sparse dorm room and I quickly realized that we hadn’t brought nearly enough things from home to make his new nest feel warm.  (First-timer mistake that will be corrected!)

Ironically and unrelated, I too moved into a new nest in the past two weeks.  A new space in a new location, requiring new routines and new ways of thinking. In the same way that I want to make Jack’s new nest feel warm and safe and comforting for him, I will do the same for myself.

Living by my belief that you’re more likely to practice if the things you use for yoga, meditation and wellness are beautiful and easily accessible, I have set about integrating Yogamere into every room. 


With a Yogamere mat next to my bed and a meditation cushion near by, I have the comfort of stepping onto that softness the minute my feet hit the floor – a good foundation for nesting in this new home and a lovely invitation to practice each morning. 

There was a time when I could nestle Baby Jack in the crook of my arm.  Now his arms can wrap fully around me.  I’m not sure who is comforting whom these days with all these changes and transitions  but I know that creating a nest for us both is fundamental to our wellbeing.