Mindfulness & Rituals

Rituals can be as complex as a royal wedding or as simple as making morning coffee. But the act of having rituals seems to be as fundamental to being human as breathing. I’ve wondered lately if the purpose of rituals is perhaps just to allow our brains to take a rest and simply be in that moment.

In other words: Don’t think. Just do.  

Making coffee in the morning is a necessary ritual for me. In part, because of the headache I would get if I didn’t have the caffeine (!!) … and also because the ritual of making it allows for the practice of mindfulness.  It grounds me (pun sort’ve intended) by stimulating all 5 senses: the sight and the sound of the liquid being poured, the smell of the ground beans, the taste of the warm liquid, the feel of the hot mug cupped in my hands.

Taking a moment to truly experience all of these senses is what it means to be fully present – and sets the stage for mindfulness throughout the day.