Might As Well Get Comfortable

So, here we are … a couple of months into a life slowdown that, at least for New Yorkers, doesn’t seem to have an end in sight.  Like everyone, I’m trying to figure out what larger lessons and skills the Universe is teaching me with all of this.  Is it about patience? Flexibility? Resilience?  That I can, in fact, dye my own hair?

I’m cooking more and walking Luke more. I’ve learned just enough Adobe Premier Pro that I don’t require the handholding of my teenage son to create a video clip.  I’m doing more photography, gotten over my hatred of Facetime and have discovered the simple pleasure of just staring at Airbnb listings of riads in Marrakech. 

And I’m reading. Fiction. I’ve put away the self-help books (at least for now) and am digging into The Overstory by Richard Powers, this year’s selection for Nantucket’s One Book One Island community reading project. No one could have predicted how poignant this book choice would be with its sweeping tale about our connection (or disconnection?) from the natural world. 

It’s an ambitious read for me, given that sitting still isn’t my best trait. But I might as well get comfortable. This could take a while.