Making Space at Home

I had the good fortune of having Allison Waguespack pay a visit to my home recently.  A revered Yoga Teacher, Mom, Wife, Business Woman and all around Sweet Soul, Allison is the embodiment of what it means to play multiple roles and wear lots of hats throughout the day.  She smoothly glides between all of these roles much like she effortlessly transitions from gentle downward dog to a powerful handstand. 

On any given day, you can find Allison teaching yoga at several beautiful New York studios, holding mindfulness workshops in incredible sanctuaries or leading wellness retreats in amazing locations like Belize and Costa Rica.  With unfettered access to exquisite places dedicated to mindfulness, I wondered if Allison thought it even necessary to make space in your own home for practice.  While I expected she would encourage a mindfulness practice at home, her thoughts on this went well beyond that.   

“Making space in your home and in your mind for a daily dedication to yourself…whether it be 5 minutes or 75 minutes … is an important part of a mindfulness journey. Without that space it’s difficult to appreciate all that we have, the blessings we hold and the gifts we bring.  It helps to have a physical space that invites us in to that connection with ourselves. When we create that space – and it can be as small as the size of a yoga mat – it facilitates the development of a Samskara (the Sanskrit word for habit) of mindfulness,” says Allison.  

I have to admit it had not occurred to me that having a space in your home dedicated to mindfulness might also remind us to be grateful – but it’s absolutely true!  How fortunate we are to have the time and the space to take care of our bodies and our minds should we choose to…

“Often we are looking for something outside of our home or ourselves to fill us. Once we develop those mindful moments we realize that all we need we already have inside us,” she continued.

And that is why Allison is an amazing teacher. 

You can learn more about Allison’s workshops, retreats and classes at Allison Waguespack