Living, Differently

The universe is asking us to live very differently right now ... to socialize differently, interact differently, shop differently, exercise differently, plan differently, think differently. And it’s not all bad.

We have an incredible opportunity to really examine the way we live in our homes and fully experience the abundance of our spaces, whether large or small, in a different way. We can de-clutter, re-arrange and re-create rooms. We can sit on chairs that normally don’t get much use. We can open shades and see views we don’t normally take in. We can fill up the house with new music. We can re-hang artwork in a different room … or throw out artwork we’ve only been tolerating. We can have dinner at the actual dining table!

And we can create a small and simple space dedicated to our spiritual practice, however we define it.

As a designer, I see this as a chance to re-think how we use the space around us for our own wellbeing … but I wondered how a true Yogiraj might be thinking about this moment in time.

I reached out to Sarah Platt-Finger after seeing her online in a quiet, peaceful bedroom in front of sunny windows engaged in her practice. Sarah is the co-founder of Ishta Yoga in New York, a renowned yoga instructor and a truly lovely person. Each time I’ve met Sarah in person, I’ve sensed a calming energy about her – a serenity that comes through even via the video reality we are living in.

“At this time, when there is so much unpredictability, uncertainty, and fear, we can look to our inner realm to create peace and harmony. Within you is a wellspring of abundance that is healing and nourishing,” Sarah said.

“When we are able to cultivate a space of beauty and nurturing in the sanctuary of our own home, it allows that inner space to flourish as well,” she wrote.

In that thought, Sarah captured perfectly the connection between wellness and home – a connection that is at the heart of why I created Yogamere.

~Special thank you to Sarah for including Yogamere in her practice! Namaste.~