Happy, Happy, Happy!?

In my work as an Interior Designer on Nantucket, one client stands out as particularly special.  A beautiful, ageless woman with a laughing smile and (sometimes, often?) a wine glass in her hand, she exudes more charm and positive energy than a single human should be allowed in one lifetime. She enjoys her life. She’s fun to be around. She reminds you to lighten up. 

But her life hasn't been without difficulties. As a mother and a wife, she’s known more than her fair share of personal loss. That’s what makes her so remarkable. She prioritizes being happy.  She makes a point of surrounding herself with good people and beautiful things -- because that’s what brings her joy and she knows that about herself.

When I tried to pin her down on what paint colors she wanted for her Nantucket home, she’d only reply by email that she wanted “happy, happy, happy!” I’m not gonna lie:  this drove me crazy at first.  What color is “happy, happy, happy” for God’s sake?  Outrageous canary yellow?  Conservative, safe navy?   Grass green? Pure white? 

As I got to know her better, I began to understand how color affects her and how she simply will not compromise on the things she lives with everyday in her home.  She might not be able to articulate “happy” but she knows it when she sees it and feels it.

This was all such a great lesson for me:  Trust what makes you feel happy … and surround yourself with it.

While in Kathmandu, I came upon a bronze sign that read: “Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony.”