It’s a Good Time for a Headstand

Everything seems upside down right now. I’m inside when I would normally be out. Outside when I’m normally in. The threat of a contagious virus has me in the grocery store very early in the morning, doing my run in the middle of the day and working at night and at home… none of which are the natural order of things for me.

With the world seemingly inverted, I can’t think of a better time to practice your headstand – that elusive yoga pose that frankly has always scared me. Sirsasana, sometimes called the king of all yoga poses, requires immense focus, strength and perseverance. It requires facing down the fear of toppling over and realizing you are way more capable than you ever imagined.

But wait a tick … isn’t that precisely what’s called for in this new world we’re all living in? Focus. Strength. Perseverance. All in the face of fear?

I reached out this morning to the lovely Jessica Paul of @riseyogany about how practicing the headstand posture influences her perspective on things, particularly given what we’re all facing right now.

“I smiled when you asked for thoughts on headstands, as I consistently see the universe speaking in multiples. The very day that we began our self-quarantine, I was drawn to my mat to resurrect my latent headstand practice. In the business of life, I had neglected it, but my body, soul and mind were craving this singular asana. I felt shaky at first, but as I fell into the rhythm of my ujaii breath, I could feel my entire constitution reconnect and come alive again,” Jessica said.

The headstand pose so clearly connects our body to our minds and seems so incredibly important right now. It’s a physical reminder of our strength.

“This posture, more than any other, has served me through the valleys of my life. Physical strength and discipline can supplement spiritual fortitude when it is fading, and vice versa. I am always so grateful for the empowerment my asana practice brings to my soul, and I am so grateful that this time of solitude has returned me to the foundations of this transformative practice,” she continued.

The headstand posture is not easy. But with so many online tutorials from such great instructors like Jessica, I plan to add it to my new normal day.

And just maybe while I’m inverted, the world will make sense again.