Find You in Kathmandu

My vision for Yogamere™ took shape while staying in an amazing yoga sanctuary tucked into a lush mountain near Kathmandu last summer (2018).  A wall of windows overlooking the Himalayas was the backdrop to an incredibly beautiful room designed with soft, natural materials and a serene, muted palette.  Live-edge wooden furniture, un-dyed and billowy cotton curtains, unshelled walnuts and bursting pomegranates, a loose pebble shower floor. It was an indulgence in simplicity. Just breathing in that tranquil space inspired and relaxed and comforted. 

After several days of quiet meditation, renewing yoga and breath work with a soft-spoken guru named Krishna, I began to sketch the first designs of what would become Yogamere. On one 6:00 am forest walk to meditation with Krishna, I happened upon a bronze sign tacked to a tree that read: 

I searched for God and found only myself.  I searched for myself and found only God. ~ Sufi proverb.

With my mind freed to be unapologetically creative, the ideas flowed and so did the tears. By the time I left, the entire line existed in a sketchbook I had taken along with me. 

Every tiny detail of Yogamere™ is an embodiment of that place and that experience … an honest attempt to bring just a little bit of it home and relive it everyday.