Everyday Calamaties

I'm happy to announce that our best-selling Arabesque Yoga Mat is back in-stock! I’m even happier to announce that ... I am too!  

Running out of inventory is one thing. Running out of creative fuel for work is quite another for someone who depends on creating almost as much as breathing.

I’d like to blame feeling a little creatively stuck on the pandemic but the truth is the past few months have been a stream of what I call Everyday Calamaties. Parenting teenagers, managing relationships and work, moving, reacting to unexpected events like sickness and loss. The worst thing about Everyday Calamaties is that they don't have the decency to wait their turn. They sometimes happen all at once to really test your commitment to self-care.  

I’m reminded of the quote about Ginger Rogers doing everything as well as Fred Astaire – only backwards and in high heels.  Over the last few months, I’ve dealt with quite a few Everyday Calamaties – only with a mask on.  And I'm sure I'm not alone in this. 

Perhaps the Universe is simply helping me re-focus on why I created Yogamere and why taking care of yourself in the midst of turmoil is so essential. 



**Sending special gratitude to Hurdle Podcast (@HurdlePodcast) and The One You Feed Podcast (@one_you_feed) for new found inspiration.