Butterfly to Dragonfly

There are lots of reasons to go to spiritual sanctuaries like Kripalu.  For me, it's the hope that the time spent there will inspire new ways of thinking about my life, work and purpose. In the spring of 2018, while lying on the vast grassy lawn that slopes down to the lake at Kripalu, I began noticing little white butterflies floating across the field. A soft breeze lifted and moved them along as they drifted and occasionally landed on random blades of grass.

I admired them for their beauty as one often does with butterflies but thought little more about them … until a dragonfly suddenly darted into my view. The dragonfly’s wings were just as exquisitely delicate as the butterfly’s … but the dragonfly seemed way more purposeful in her approach to things.  She wasn’t screwing around.  She wasn’t floating along on the whim of the wind just being sweet and beautiful and vulnerable.  No. This dragonfly harnessed the power in those intricate, translucent wings and was hell-bent focused on where she was going. 

And right then and right there, I decided it was time for me to become more like the dragonfly.

A dragonfly sits at the top of the Yogamere™ Crest to symbolize the strength in us all.  The butterflies are there too … as a sweet reminder that it’s the balance between strength and vulnerability that makes us who we are.