Alone, Yet Thankful

I spent Thanksgiving this year at Kripalu.  Alone.

For the first time in my entire life, I was solo for a major holiday.  And much to my own surprise (gasp!), I didn’t wither away. In fact, if I’m being really honest, it was pretty fantastic. Far from being the lonely, sad day away from family for which I had prepared myself, it was actually incredibly nourishing – on both the gastric and the soul level. 

From the amazing food that only Kripalu knows how to do, to the yoga, qigong (first time!) and meditation, to the nap I took in the sun room and, ultimately, to stumbling upon the book “Broken Open” by Elizabeth Lesser in the bookstore ... this was a Thanksgiving for which to be thankful.  And it brought me back to the fundamental reasons for creating Yogamere.   

In “Broken Open”, Lesser writes about the poet Rumi and his notion of the Open Secret – the human tendency to hide our failures, struggles and longings, as if by doing so they won’t exist. But as Lesser writes so beautifully, when we “share the simple dignity” of our ourselves and face the “embarrassment at being human”, we can “uncover a deep well of passion and compassion.”

Thanksgiving at Kripalu yesterday felt a bit like having my well replenished with new energy and purpose.  And for that I am thankful.