A Teacher's Gift

Just before Christmas, I received an email from a woman asking to place an order using a gift card. She was having trouble with it processing online so we spoke by phone to sort it out. In that conversation she told me she is a school teacher and that her students had given her the card as a gift for the Holiday.

I am so grateful for every single order that comes into Yogamere but this one felt particularly special because the intention behind the purchase captures the very essence of why I created Yogamere.  

This teacher was choosing to spend a generous gift card on things that would enhance her yoga and meditation practice – a beautiful act of self-love.   Instead of using the money on a necklace, sweater, or pair of heels (all of which she no doubt deserves too!), she was choosing to invest in taking care of herself.

I pictured her in her classroom as a busy Teacher and then after work coming home to her own small children where she would transition into a busy Mom and Wife. With so much expected of her by so many, how does she replenish herself everyday?  

Just as flight attendants on a plane remind you in an emergency to first put on your own oxygen mask before helping others, this lovely Teacher / Mom / Wife knew how fundamentally important it is to take care of yourself in order to be able to give the best of yourself to the world.

This notion of taking time to take care of yourself is at the very heart of Yogamere.